A beautiful, nimble and customisable cross platform app built for Micro.blog

Gluon is a highly opinionated, but customisable, cross platform app for iOS & Android built specifically for Micro.blog.

With Gluon, you can do the following:

A beautiful design

Gluon is beautifully designed by keeping it simple, without interrupting your content, for both Android and iOS. It’s built with great features and care whilst not getting in your way and not overwhelming you with bad design choices (because nobody wants that).

A powerful post composer

Write with Markdown and pull in links or images with the inline toolbar. You can even upload photos with a beautiful overview of your upload progress and previews that don’t get in the way. If you have a longer post you can even set a title to complement your post.

Not ready to post yet? No problem with draft support. You can have as many drafts as you want and post at any time you wish.

Discover features

Go beyond Discover, on Micro.blog, by navigating to any emoji (tagmoji) based post. Find out more about Micro Monday and, when it’s time, take part in the various community challenges that occasionally run on Micro.blog.

Simple, yet powerful, theming and customisation

Gluon comes with a great, out the box, auto theme switching with a beautiful accent colour. You can tweak everything from the accent, to timeline spacing and many others. Like round avatars? You can have those too - seems to be all the rage!

Gluon boasts a generous amount of Nitpicky settings too... because sometimes this is exactly what you need.

A super nice dark mode

Out the box you get a gorgeous auto switching theme depending on your OS theme. Like a different accent colour depending on dark or light theme? You can do that!

Built-in search

Ever wanted to search Micro.blog for a specific post and user? Now you can. It’s simple and quick using the official Micro.blog API. Want to search again for that same word in a few days time? No problem with Recent Searches.

Focus mode

Set your own rules and enable focus mode so you can concentrate on what matters the most... you. Sometimes a busy timeline is not what you need and you just want to respond to your mentions. No distractions.

Community Challenges

Micro.blog runs various community challenges throughout the year. Gluon puts them front and centre in the discover section where you can follow along at your own pace.

Available on Android

In addition to the fully functioning iOS app, Gluon is available on Android with near perfect feature parity. It’s quick and feature rich. Get it on the Play Store!